Cosmetic Dentistry - Professional Whitening

The safest, most effective treatments to enhance your smile.

Professional tooth whitening can often restore your confidence without the need for invasive veneers or crowns. It is the most popular and affordable cosmetic dental treatment.

Tooth whitening, when carried out by a qualified dental professional is known to be the safest, easiest and most effective way to lighten the natural shade of your teeth using clinically-proven techniques. We use Philips ZOOM! tooth whitening products and offer ‘In-surgery’ and ‘at home’ professional whitening along with custom-made whitening trays.

Patients will initially have a thorough examination to ensure they are dentally fit for tooth whitening and to determine the most appropriate whitening option. For best results, we recommend that patients visit one of our hygiene therapists for a dental hygiene cleaning to remove any tartar or staining to maximise the results.

The result achieved can often rejuvenate your smile without the need for veneers or crowns.

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Teeth Whitening Transformation

Professional teeth whitening before - dental cosmetics Cosmetic dentistry, professional teeth whitening smile makeover

This patient was unhappy with the discolouration of his teeth. After a few weeks of ‘at-home’, overnight whitening – he achieved these fantastic results.

Composite Bonding Transformation

Composite bonding case before cosmetic treatment Composite bonding case after cosmetic treatment

This patient wanted to get rid of their tooth’s rough edges and improve general aesthetics. Composite bonding was completed on 4 teeth for smoother teeth and a more symmetrical smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry - Composite Bonding

The safest, most effective treatments to enhance your smile.

From a variety of treatments within cosmetic dentistry, composite bonding is a minimally invasive way to transform your smile. Tooth coloured material is carefully sculpted to improve the shape, size and appearance of your teeth. Composite bonding can make a huge difference to a smile, but it is important to understand that it needs looking after and maintenance, and great oral hygiene.

Not every case is best treated with composite bonding, and other options such as moving teeth with Invisalign, or different restorations such as porcelain crowns or veneers  are sometimes more suitable. Book in with one of our dentists to discuss what treatment options are best suited to your teeth.

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Cosmetic Dentistry - Teeth Straightening

The most discreet and effective options to straighten your teeth

Invisalign is a popular approach to straightening teeth and the results are life changing. This discreet option allows patients to enhance their smile in a non-invasive way, whilst they continue with their day-to-day activities.

Invisalign uses a series of removable, near-invisible aligners to gradually and gently move your teeth into the desired position. It can create the perfect smile without compromising the health of your teeth, and can provide you with lifelong results.

Treatment has a minimal impact on patients’ day-to-day lifestyle, meaning that business and social events can still take place without feeling self-conscious.

Following a free initial consultation to confirm suitability, your practitioner will walk you through your treatment, step-by-step, enabling you to see your predicted result before embarking on the journey to straighter teeth.

Our aim is to provide our patients with the best result possible, therefore if we feel in our professional opinion that your case is best placed in the hands of one of our Specialist Orthodontists for an alternative set of braces, then we will give you the option to be referred into their care.

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Invisalign Consultation: FREE

Invisalign (per arch): From £2800.00

Invisalign Gold package* £4500.00 *please click here for full breakdown

Removable Essix Retainers (per arch): £200.00

Removable Vivera Retainers – Set of 3 (per arch): £250.00

Fixed Bonded Retainers (per arch): £200.00

Teeth Straightening Transformation

Invisalign teeth straightening transformation before Invisalign teeth straightening transformation after

This patient received hygiene treatment (scale & polish with airflow stain removal), Invisalign clear aligners and tooth whitening. All treatment was completed in under 1 year.

Airflow therapy for stain removal is now just £50 when you book a hygiene appointment with us.

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The Invisalign Journey
Cosmetic dental treatment Invisalign teeth straightening simulation
Simulate your new smile with SmileView

What would I look like with straight teeth?

If you have ever wondered what you would look like with straight teeth, now is your chance.

Snap a quick smiling selfie and the SmileView technology will simulate the outcome of your personal Invisalign treatment in just 60 seconds.

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SmileView Simulation
Invisalign teeth straightening dental cosmetics