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Introducing Dr Simon Blank

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Stop Snoring

Sleep apnoea is a disorder which causes your breathing to stop for short periods while you sleep and often results in snoring.

Dr Charlotte Leigh has a special interest in sleep apnoea, and regularly treats patients for the condition at our practice. Book a free consultation today.

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Montagu Dental
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christina fraserchristina fraser
14:19 10 Jul 24
I’ve been coming to Montagu Dental for decades now, it’s housed in a lovely old building but with a surprisingly bright interior.It’s not easy to find a good dentist, but Saul takes time to explain and works carefully in a reassuringly modern setting. Katarina, the hygienist has just given me a thorough cleaning in a cheery atmosphere of floss and plaque removal. And front of house are just great. I could easily find a more local surgery but this one is worth crossing london for.
Stephen WilsonStephen Wilson
14:58 28 May 24
Based on a friend’s recommendation, I have been a patient of Dr. Saul Konviser at Montague Dental for the past four years. I can honestly say that the level of care and professionalism I have experienced is unparalleled. As someone in their fifties with a complex dental history, including a cleft palate and harelip involving many surgeries, I found it difficult to find a dentist in London who truly understands and accommodates such history. As a previous dentist once described, “you have a mouth like a museum given the detail and work inside that biting smile…”Dr. Konviser, or rather, Saul as I refer to him, exceeded all my expectations with a series of gentle approaches regarding the mental and physical concerns attached to a dental appointment. Straight away, I realized that Saul practices dentistry to engage with our lives and how we change and evolve over time, in the same way, our teeth continuously grow and expose emotional memories. From my very first visit, I was very impressed. The overall expertise and compassionate approach is increasingly rare. Saul took the time to thoroughly review my dental history and listened carefully to my concerns. This personalized attention made me feel confident and reassured that I was in capable hands, as Saul combines exceptional technical skill with genuine care for his patients’ well-being. Whether it’s routine gum health, complex restorative work, or cosmetic procedures, every treatment is executed with precision and meticulous attention to detail. The results have been consistently outstanding, contributing to both my dental health and self-esteem. In one such instance involving an expensive bridge that fell out three times, Saul managed to glue it back, and it has not moved since!The entire team at Montague Dental is warm, friendly, and highly professional. The clinic is state-of-the-art, with a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that puts even the most anxious patients at ease. Appointments are always on time, and the staff’s dedication to hygiene and patient safety is evident in every aspect. Their expertise, kindness, and unwavering commitment to patient satisfaction make them exceptional. I highly recommend Dr. Saul Konviser to anyone seeking top-tier dental care, especially those with a complex medical history like mine.
William ComettiWilliam Cometti
17:12 17 May 24
As good a dental practice as I've ever been to. Friendly, accommodating, pristinely clean, and with transparent prices. But most importantly, the dental care is top-notch.Dr Michael Orlans gave me amazing care and always took extra time to explain things, make sure I was comfortable, etc... I also felt like I was at a practice that was on top of the latest techniques and technologies - without any unnecessary upselling.I'd give them five and-a-half stars if I could.
Kristina JanssonKristina Jansson
12:19 13 May 24
Dr. Simon helped make my teeth dreams come true! I started my Invisalign journey last summer after I'd seen my colleagues teeth. When asked what she'd done, she mentioned Dr. Simon. I reached out immediately and started shortly after that! I finished my Invisalign, composite bonding and whitening officially last week and I now feel so much more confident in my smile. Couldn't recommend enough! I also want to give a shout out to the whole lovely staff and reception and Montagu for always being so nice, welcoming and accommodating. I've officially found my perfect dentistry practice! :)
Oreet AsheryOreet Ashery
14:25 01 May 24
Saul Konviser is an exceptional dentist. His approach to overall teeth and gum health goes well beyond dealing with issues as they come-up. He promotes longterm preventative measures that are detailed and will ensure the best functioning, even of the most sensitive and issues-ridden mouths! His approach is highly personal, professional, advanced, sensitive, reassuring, and all with superpower steady hands. In general I find dentists' visits challenging on many levels and I feel deeply indebted to Saul for everything he has been doing for my teeth and gums. I don't like to think what would have happened to my teeth if he wasn't recommended to me after the pandemic. Despite the relative complexity of my treatments, I look forwards to coming to see him. Through Saul I realised that healthy mouth is crucial for our overall wellbeing and longevity. The clinic is central, pleasant and well organised. It is always easy to book and rebook appointments without any tedious automated booking systems. Couldn't recommend Montagu Dental more passionately, particularly if you are sensitive about dental treatment or need a lot of work done.
Grant BergmanGrant Bergman
17:00 26 Apr 24
Absolutely superb! Best dentist in London without a doubt. I can't say enough good things about Saul, his work and his team
Anthony HarlingAnthony Harling
10:59 25 Apr 24
I have just had the final implants fitted for two teeth that had long since died. One was a front tooth (damaged in a cycling accident 50 years ago), the other a molar where I had root canal treatment six years previously. I am very happy with the treatment from Saul. He is an excellent dentist, very thorough and professional. He is empathetic, easy to talk to, and very understanding.On balance I probably shouldn’t have bothered with the root canal treatment, but that was nothing to do with Saul. He and his team did a great job and I am delighted with the outcome.
Michael JacobsMichael Jacobs
11:15 20 Mar 24
I visited Montagu Dental after a recommendation, to deal with snoring, sleep apnea and teeth-grinding related issues. The service was excellent with a great range of products, which ultimately solved the issues I was facing. The practice is clean, professional and makes use of the latest technology - this is very much a dentist in the 21st century rather than yesteryear (despite being housed in a beautiful period building). My issues are now sorted out so I don't expect to return, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to others.
Rebecca CellaRebecca Cella
11:51 11 Mar 24
I highly recommend Michael, he is very professional and kind and has done an amazing job at realigning my teeth! Throughout the process communication has been very clear and everything explained in detail and overall exceeded the expectations! Thank you Michael!
Lucy OultonLucy Oulton
08:44 21 Feb 24
I can’t say enough nice words about Saul Konviser and the team at Montagu, or recommend the practice highly enough. They really have been an incredible support at every step of a long treatment which combined unforeseen emergency work with a somewhat complicated cosmetic improvement plan. Saul was highly skilled, collaborative and compassionate at each step, for which I am immensely grateful. He’s also a wonderful family dentist and has my full trust in treating my daughter too. Thank you Saul & team!
Eduard KsenofontovEduard Ksenofontov
16:52 03 Jan 24
I am so happy I came across this dental clinic two years ago. My oral health has been on the rise ever since my first visit and the personnel inside are just saints. Everyone is truly kind, caring and professional. Thank you for being this way!
Sandjea GreenSandjea Green
10:29 07 Dec 23
Thorough, helpful and super positive experience. I felt confident in Saul's examination, diagnosis and treatment plan. Great team; thank you Saul, Sharon, Melinda and Ann - very much appreciated!
Clive HendersonClive Henderson
17:14 20 Nov 23
A truly exceptional dentist practice ! Started sometime ago by the now legendary Steven Orlans, the great tradition has continued with Saul and Michael. It’s rare to say that to a visit a dental practice is a pleasure but it is true in this case. Well done to you all at the practice. First class !
Saul is a brilliant dentist and my daughters had the best time at their appointment. He made them feel at ease and explained everything very clearly to them so they understood themselves how to best care for their teeth. Highly recommend especially if you have young children.
Karen TaubeKaren Taube
17:05 08 Nov 23
Saul Konviser is a very sympathetic, conscientious dentists. He strikes me as very thorough, but he hasn't rushed me into expensive dental treatment. Rather he is adopting a "watch and see"policy and has advised me on how best to keep decay at bay. I would highly recommend him.
Lucia PowellLucia Powell
14:28 25 Oct 23
I have been going to this dental practice since I was a child & have always liked it but Saul is a very special dentist. I now travel into central london with my four young children because he is so brilliant with them - very kind, attentive, makes going to the dentist actually fun and I have no doubt about his integrity & passion when it comes to looking after their teeth - and mine!
Mia AttiahMia Attiah
12:10 25 Oct 23
I am a patient with Dr Simon at Montagu dental - I couldn’t have asked for a better experience / dentist. Extremely attentive and knowledgeable listening to your asks and advising the best course of action. Simons results speak for themselves - best in the business. A very happy patient!
Lorna DevineLorna Devine
13:33 03 Oct 23
I visited Montagu Dental recently and honestly couldn't recommend Dr Simon Blank and the team at Montagu Dental enough! I’m so happy with the results and I had a very pleasant experience. Dr Simon Blank is very calming and puts you at ease immediately. Thank you so much!
17:09 08 Sep 23
I have been a patient at Montagu Dental in London for some time now and I cannot recommend them enough.Saul, my dentist, is exceptional. What sets Saul apart from any other dentist I’ve ever had is his commitment to the person behind the teeth. He takes the time to explain the “whys” behind every dental issue ensuring I understand what’s happening, and why certain problems have come up. But because he has taken the time to understand who you are, he’s able to explain the dental issue in the context of your life. With any issues he fixes, he’s informing and empowering you throughout.The entire Montagu team are kind, professional, and make every visit such a positive experience. I would highly recommend Montagu Dental to anyone looking for a great dental practice.
Taryn CourlandTaryn Courland
07:47 29 Aug 23
I took my two young daughters 6 and 3 to see Dr Saul Konviser for a check up. They honestly had the best time. Not only did he do a thorough check on the girls teeth he also got them involved in a little role play. My youngest daughter got to be his assistant. He made it fun and a great experience for them and they can’t wait to go back to the dentist. Saul also was so helpful with all his great advice on looking after their teeth. I would highly recommend taking yourself and your kids to see him.
Patrick WeberPatrick Weber
12:54 19 Aug 23
This is literally the best dentist I have aver been to in my entire life. The level of professionalism, the service level from the entire team is absolutely outstanding. The granularity of advice from Dr Saul Konviser is second to none. You can feel that he and his team live and breath their profession with loads of passion every single day. This is an absolute 100% recommendation for anyone who is seeking for a top nudge dental practice.
Ben FoxBen Fox
15:28 18 Jul 23
I have been a customer at Montagu Dental for many years. I have always had excellent service. The dental care I have received since Saul Konviser became my dentist has been truly excellent. I have found him to be extremely diligent and thorough in his work. He always goes the extra mile to make sure everything is done properly. Whenever anything needs doing Saul does it brilliantly and deftly. I look forward to Saul being my dentist for many years to come.
Michael AttwellMichael Attwell
16:03 10 Jul 23
I can't recommend Dr. Saul Konviser too highly. He's a top flight dentist, with meticulous attention to detail. He is charming, careful, and considerate. I also very much like the fact he avoids any unnecessary work or treatment, and I always have complete confidence in his monitoring of my dental health.
James Morris-ManuelJames Morris-Manuel
12:35 10 Jul 23
I visited Montagu Dental to address my snoring issue and met with Dr. Charlotte Leigh. She conducted a comprehensive dental examination and evaluated my snoring and sleeping patterns in detail. With a range of appliance options available, she explained the benefits of each one to me. I am extremely satisfied with my snoring appliance, as it is comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. Dr. Charlotte was very approachable and patiently answered all of my queries. I never knew how tired i really was and now wont sleep without my appliance. Thanks to her, I now enjoy better quality sleep, and my family is equally pleased. I highly recommend her friendly and gentle approach, which has made a significant difference in my life.
Katie TraversKatie Travers
08:05 12 May 23
I cannot recommend Dr Michael Orlans highly enough! I visited for a dental implant, restorative work and whitening with quite a tight timescale before my Wedding. Being without a tooth for so long and needing a lot of restorative work done really dampens your confidence and made me so conscious every time I spoke. I cannot thank him enough for how brilliant he has been throughout, professionally but so personable. He really made me feel comfortable throughout and explains everything along the way. The implant looks amazing and I am so happy with it- wedding ready! Thanks Michael and Team x
Evelyn PollockEvelyn Pollock
20:06 09 May 23
I cannot praise Montagu Dental enough. The surgery is a calm place and the staff are welcoming. Dr Saul Konviser has been my dentist for nearly two years. During that time a lot of, quite complicated, work has been undertaken including fitting new crowns (one implant supported) , as well as implant supported bridge work. All surgery has been carried out to an exceptionally high standard and the final cosmetic result is very, very good. Apart from his considerable technical expertise, Saul is also a very caring and gentle dental surgeon. He would put even the most nervous patient at ease.
Matthew HusselbyMatthew Husselby
12:40 20 Apr 23
I've just completed Invisalign with Montagu Dental as well as having been using them as my dental practice for the past few years.Quite simply, Dr Saul Konviser is the very best dentist I've ever encountered. He's absolutely best in class and I've gone from dreading the dentist to having no worries whatsoever. He is informed, thoughtful and clearly motivated to be the very best. You're in the very best of hands at Montagu Dental where the staff are efficient, attentive and always helpful.It may cost a little bit more than some other practices but it's worth every single penny. I wouldn't go anywhere else even if you paid me!
Colin AnnisColin Annis
15:44 17 Apr 23
The complex dental treatment which I received from Dr Michael Orlans over the course of 18 months was excellent. My teeth were in poor condition at the beginning, requiring several appointments covering various procedures, incuding implants. Care was taken at every stage to keep me informed of what was involved. I am very pleased with the final outcome, as a result of which my teeth are in a vastly improved state.
Abby TaubmanAbby Taubman
09:35 03 Apr 23
Michael is absolutely amazing - he is so professional, calm and gentle. He knew I was a little nervous and explained through the whole process what he would be doing. Always ran to time and Jade his dental nurse is wonderful too. I now have perfect teeth and I am so happy with them. 100% recommend to everyone.
16:39 24 Feb 23
I have had an outstanding experience at Montagu Dental, seeing Dr Michael Orlans. The team have offered excellent patient-orientated care from the first email exchange to my review appointment. They have been very transparent and informative with regards to the whole process and all the costs associated, which I value highly. Everyone is super friendly and the practice has a lovely atmosphere, I would definitely recommend Montagu Dental!
Aidan KeenAidan Keen
22:52 16 Dec 22
Had a fantastic experience at Montage Dental. My dentist Dr Michael Orlans was incredibly professional and concise, while also being empathetic and thoughtful. Which as a nervous patient was very welcome. Came away feeling confident in the team and looking forward to undertaking the treatment plan they laid out.
peter likpeter lik
17:47 04 Nov 22
These guys are just amazing . Michael is a true professional and is not only passionate and thorough at what he does but also a true master . He goes that extra mile to make sure all angles of your dental care are discussed and implemented. The dental work I had done was so efficient and painless I couldn't believe it. I also had my teeth cleaned which was done by another obviously fully experienced professional on the teamThe place is immaculate and all the staff are so warm and friendly . Wish there were 6 stars .
Antonia MitchellAntonia Mitchell
16:11 26 Oct 22
Saul does a truly wonderful job with my children, aged 3 and 6. He makes them feel engaged, valued and excited about a vist to the dentist. They are already asking me when they can go back to have a check up!
Bella NewmanBella Newman
09:26 23 Sep 22
I’m so pleased I found this dentist and I highly recommend Michael Orlans. Each visit has been a great experience and I haven’t had any issues with any of my procedures. Nice office and lovely staff!
To Hong ChanTo Hong Chan
13:01 18 Jul 22
Very satisfied. I was able to book appointments with 2 days' notice, and the dentist did very detailed examination and took photos to explain the situation to me. The hygienist was equally thorough and detailed, and told me where the tartar has built up and how to fight them. This is very unlike the other 'run of the mill' dental practices. Worth every penny
Rosabella ShekRosabella Shek
01:07 17 Jul 22
Dr. Orlans and his staff are wonderful. I was traveling in London and needed a dentist urgently. They accommodated me to be seen as soon as possible. Dr. Orlans was empathetic, thorough and thoughtful to his approach. I would recommend him to anyone.

Welcome to Montagu Dental

General Practice in Marylebone

Comfortable and Calm Dentistry

Outstanding Dental Care for All Ages

Montagu Dental and its team of General Dentists are within a 5-minute walk of Baker Street tube station in the heart of Marylebone. We have been caring for patients for over 50 years, and our focus has always been to provide excellent, cost-effective dentistry to patients who feel respected and valued. 

As General Dentists, we believe that prevention is the foundation to good oral health. We pride ourselves on educating our patients so they are empowered with the knowledge and skills to care for their dental health and general wellbeing.  Our highly experienced team will advise you on the best approach or treatment, to help you achieve and maintain a healthy mouth. Our approach to dental treatment is always as conservative and minimally invasive as possible.

We deliver a full range of dental treatments

We understand the needs of busy, time conscious people who live and work in the Baker Street and Marylebone area, which is why we offer lunchtime and evening appointments.

Our comprehensive range of treatments cover all your dental needs, from thorough dental hygiene (scale and polish), tooth-coloured fillings, natural-looking crowns and bridges, professional teeth whitening to restorative implant dentistry.

A regular visit to your dentist will ensure that your teeth, mouth and soft tissues remain in optimal health and if any problems arise, they are identified early.

Dental hygiene treatment removes the tartar around the gums. If left untreated this can lead to bleeding gums, bad breath and loose teeth.

We provide the safest, easiest and most effective way to whiten your teeth with minimal intervention and using the latest techniques which are clinically-proven.

Invisalign is a popular non-invasive approach to straightening teeth. Using a series of removable, near-invisible aligners to gradually and gently move your teeth into the desired position.

Our simple white fillings and natural looking crowns are designed to match the rest of your teeth, and are made with the best quality materials to restore your smile.

In case of a dental emergency, we can help you. If you need pain relief, fixing a broken tooth, or re-cementing a crown or bridge – give us a call.

With a special interest in Sports Dentistry, we can advise both amateur and professional athletes on how dental health can impact on their sporting performance.

If you are suffering from a dull ache, intense sensitivity to hot or cold, or when eating, a root canal treatment may be necessary.

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, we have options to help you. Whether a dental implant, bridge or denture, you will be able to smile again with confidence.

Covid 19 information

We have made sure that every precaution is in place for your safety.

Rest assured that we are here to look after you and the health of your mouth. As always, infection control is a fundamental tenet of our dental practice. We are using all the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and infection prevention and control (IPC) protocols in line with NHS COVID-19 guidance and standard operating procedures.

Temple Dental Fleet St

Temple Dental

- Partner Practice

Temple Dental is a General Practice, which focuses on providing exceptional dentistry on Fleet St. The Practice is located within a 10 minutes walk from Blackfriars, Holborn and Temple stations. Temple Dental prides itself on creating a comfortable and calm environment for patients, delivered by a friendly and professional team.

47 Montagu Mansions, Marylebone, London W1U 6LD