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Summer Smiles Teeth Whitening

Professional in-surgery & home whitening

professional whitening

The safest, most effective treatments to enhance your smile.

Professional teeth whitening can often restore your confidence and without the need for veneers or crowns.

Tooth whitening, when carried out by a qualified dental professional is known to be the safest, easiest and most effective way to lighten the natural shade of your teeth using clinically-proven techniques.

Patients will initially have a thorough examination to ensure they are dentally fit for tooth whitening and to determine the most appropriate whitening option. For best results, we recommend that patients visit one of our hygiene therapists for a dental hygiene cleaning to remove any tartar or staining to maximise the results.

The result achieved can often rejuvenate your smile without the need for veneers or crowns.

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Convenient and Cost Effective

Home Whitening

Home teeth whitening is a great option for patients who are not in a hurry to whiten their teeth for a big event.

We will assess the natural shade of your teeth with pre-operative photos and advanced electronic shade taking. Dental moulds are then taken of your teeth from which your custom-made whitening trays are produced for you to take home with our professional whitening gels. The whitening is carried out at your own pace and the results are gradual, usually taking 10-14 days to reach a natural shade that you feel confident with.

Home teeth whitening is a cost effective and long-term treatment. At each 6-monthly check-up, your dentist or hygiene therapist, will check the fit of your whitening trays to ensure they still fit comfortably and are effective for use – enabling you to purchase more “top-up” gel for future use.

In–Surgery Whitening

ZOOM Whitening

For patients requiring a faster result we offer ZOOM! ‘In-surgery’ teeth whitening. You can relax for just over an hour while your teeth are whitened – ideal if you want to do this over an extended lunch break!

Similar to our home teeth whitening, you will be provided with custom made whitening trays for you to take home after with our professional whitening gels to maintain your healthy smile at home.

This patient suffered from hereditary white spot lesions, darkening of a root treated tooth and generalised tooth discolouration following orthodontic treatment.

To achieve the desired results, internal and external teeth whitening was carried out followed by ICON treatment.

Advanced Whitening

Lightening Darker Teeth or Removing White Spots

In such cases, we can provide a specialised technique accompanied by traditional whitening to help remove or reduce these white spots, very often without the need to modify health tooth tissue

For deeper white spot areas, a small amount of tooth modification may be necessary but often patients are delighted with the initial change which can be dramatic.