Dr Saul Konviser

General Dental Practitioner

Dr Saul Konviser BDS MSc BSc is our lead general dentist at the Montagu Dental practice. Saul has a particularly calm and engaging personality, ensuring his patient’s feel relaxed and reassured whilst providing exceptional quality of care.

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Saul completed his Bachelor’s degree in Physiology & Pharmacology at Bristol, University of the West of England and went on to study for a Masters in International Healthy Policy at the London School of Economics, spending time in Canada and South Africa as part of his research projects. Saul then received his Bachelors of Dental Surgery from King’s College London from when he went on to do his training within the NHS before moving into Private practice.

Committed to continuous education, Saul stays up to date with the latest advancements in dentistry by attending regular conferences, course and study groups. In addition, he has developed a special interest in the area of sports dentistry given his passion for sport himself. This allows him to work closely with both professional and amateur sportspeople, helping them understand the importance of oral health on their sporting performance and general health.

Saul is also a Trustee of the charity, Dental Wellness Trust, which promotes oral health to children in the UK and abroad and he oversees the development and roll-out of supervised toothbrushing programmes in schools across England. As a result, he is often interviewed on TV, radio and in the media discussing the importance of child dental health and nutrition on their general health and wellbeing.

Away from dentistry, Saul spends most of his time with his wife and 2 daughters, and if time allows, he trains for the occasional triathlon or marathon.

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