Fan of a canned cocktail or are you more partial to a bottled alcopop?

Often purchased for convenience, are we all aware of the high levels of sugar lurking within? It’s unlikely, as 9 out of 10 pre-mixed spirits do not have on pack sugar information!

Slick marketing and lack of education is hiding 12 teaspoons of sugar in one brand’s Passion Fruit Martini – that’s the same as two cans of the fizz that claims to “give you wings”

Our dentist, Dr Saul Konviser, and the team at Dental Wellness Trust and Action on Sugar are putting the pressure on to tax such products which are currently exempt from the sugar tax.

Taxing these types of products not only aims to reduce consumption but the money generated contributes to the fund Public Health England have available to educate and support those suffering from the effects of hidden sugar in our diet.

We would of course encourage our patients to keep alcohol levels to a minimum as they bring with them a variety of other health issues; we would recommend regular water consumption between beverages to neutralise the acids and ensure that you are brushing your teeth before bed.